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Orchid ERP effectively manages complex industry business challenges. To get deep functionality for specialized needs root management, Production management, warehouse and inventory, stock request and stock loading, sales invoicing with credit limit controls, sales analyses reports, stock & sales reports by van level and consolidated.

Orchid ERP increase efficiency and inspired user experience, Orchid’s food industry solution is designed to help you manage the complexities of distribution from forecasting demand to managing production, production planning for final products to shelves. Orchid ERP designed to give you control, visibility, and complete traceability across your FMCG Distribution, while maximizing your demand forecasting and production. Orchids help you to streamline operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of food manufacturing industry. Orchids ERP Solution includes production planning, bill of materials and recipe management, production recording with batch, row material usage, wastage calculation, production costing and production reporting.