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Business Analytics & Reporting (Business Intelligence)

Our system facilitates multi-level and multi-dimensional analysis of business data.

Without changing the existing system you can create detailed reports and graphs in any format you need – all that in few simple clicks.

No need for a specialized program to create graphs and charts. The data from the existing system can be imported into our system and then you can use the reporting and dashboard tools in the system to drill down research, and generate detailed reports with filtering and other custom options you add, in the form you desire- all tabular and graphical formats supported.

Business Reporting


It is all about getting the right information, to the right decision makers, at the right time. The analytic mechanism will help convert raw business data into “knowledge,”- thus facilitating strategic, tactical, and operational decision support and planning.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, BI has moved from their ‘wish list’ to ‘must-have’ for all organizations who want to survive and thrive.

Our analytics practice caters to these growing information needs of organizations by offering appropriate Analytic tool.

Multi-Level Analytics

Reporting systems fetches online, all required operations data, which is integrated with your analytic accounting and correlates with all your key business dimensions. Based on your business nature and industry needs, data is organized automatically for you for multi –level, multi – dimensional analysis as you wish.

You may be from Retail or Distribution businesses where you need to analyse product performance or sales performance across different customers or outlets, you may be from the Engineering Projects Management or Subcontract services industry where you need effective budget control, you may be from Professional or technical Services where you need to analyse staff effectiveness based on process efficiency and staff compliance based on set KPI. OR You may want to analyze the financial performance or study the cost elements more closely or want help with optimizing the inventory levels.

We have it already out of the box for you.

Reporting and Dashboards

Get access to the right information in the right format, to take smart decisions.

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.

You may use custom filters to do your analysis, mark these as favorites, and them to you dashboards for easy access.